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No Problem.

At Able Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd we are constantly using insurance to open up possibilities for our clients. “No Problem,” is a phrase you will hear often at our office. By presenting innovative insurance solutions to uncertainty and risks we enable our clients to achieve their objectives successfully. This success in turn drives the passion and dedication in the work we do.

For our clients, there is a measure of personal risk and anxiety for those who are involved. Yet behind each one there is also the vast, sophisticated mechanism of insurance which we use to transfer risks and compensate losses.

Able Insurance has a background of over 40 years in the business of insurance. Our focus as a One Stop Service Centre FOR GOOD INSURANCE PLANS has won us many clients and friends who return for the effective and economical solutions we arrange. Many of our solutions have withstood the tests of time giving clients firm foundations for their businesses and lives. Whether you are looking for a complete insurance program, specific insurances for your business operation, statutory insurance or an employee benefit program you will find good friendly service and advice at Able Insurance. We handle both general and life insurance through a team of dedicated professionals.